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This series of works is an outcome of experiments performed over a one year period of time that resulted in a new technique of painting. The process for painting in this new way results in images that are intended to be abstract but often simulate the patterns found in nature. The process of creating these paintings tries to uncover the physics and chemistry of how nature manages to display such beauty and how the artist can use the same methods. The resulting painted images also resemble photographs taken of earth by satellites or images of celestial bodies. In certain cases it is also tempting to suggest that the images are remindful of “fractal” designs.

In this process a palette of colors is prepared either by mixing oil paint from a tube with varnish, or acrylic colors with water. Additives such a mineral oil, acetone, detergent, etc. are used to modify the physical and chemical properties of the paint. Each color is applied very gently with gravity playing a minimal or no role. This “zero-gravity” condition distinguishes the process from that used by well known artists such as Helen Frankenthaler, Morris Louis, and Paul Jenkins who purposely use gravity while manipulating their work in progress. The images produced by this method do so on their own, i.e. they evolve as a result of properly arranged fluid properties of each applied color. This evolution continues, but gradually slows, until it is arrested by the hardening or drying process.